CoVid 19 – Open and operational


CoVid 19 – Open and operational

In the current situation, Indlab takes action.

Following the recommendations of the Ministries of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare and in order to prevent and / or mitigate as far as possible the health and economic repercussions that the Coronavirus pandemic can cause to our company, the Management of the same has taken the following decisions:

  1. Creation of two work shifts for laboratory personnel that will take place from 07:00 in the morning until 14:45 in the afternoon and from 15:00 in the afternoon until 22:45 at night . This 15 minute time difference is made so that there is no contact between the two shifts.
  2. If any person on any shift were infected, all the personnel corresponding to that shift would be quarantined in their own home, and the other shift would continue to work normally with the usual schedule.
  3. Administration staff will also be divided into two shifts with the same operations indicated for Laboratory staff.
  4. The tasting sessions will be carried out, if possible, with laboratory personnel, prioritizing urgent samples, and summoning external personnel exclusively when necessary.
  5. Visits of our sales staff to customers are canceled until the 30th of March initially, on that date it will be decided whether this period is extended or not.
  6. We restrict visits to our company by personnel from other companies, making them from now on electronically.
  7. The internships of students or internships are totally suspended until April 30, when this decision will be reevaluated.

Juan Antonio Carrasco Tanco

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